Capstone Learning Team Project

Environmental Studies Sep/Oct 2011, Winslow

Environmental issues are complex and multi-dimensional. In order to address these problems we must consider their physical, chemical, biological, ecological, geological, meteorological, psychological, sociological, economic, political, and ethical aspects. The interactions among these facets may seem intractable, and yet they are critical.

In your learning team’s capstone project, you will need to research these various dimensions and integrate them in order to consider the environmental impacts of a proposed project.

Possible projects include:

1. a construction project that may have environmental impacts

2. a plan for a sustainable business opportunity

3. a plan for reducing the environmental impact of an existing business or agency

4. a land or resource management plan

5. a citizen action project to protect the environment

Consider the local, state, and federal regulations that you must follow. Is it required to conduct an environmental impact study? Consider the environmental effects of your project, even beyond what is subject to regulation. For instance, there may be effects on water resources or an increase in traffic resulting from a successful business. How will waste be handled? Will any of the waste be considered hazardous?

A separate learning team will play the role of concerned community members who may be affected by the project.

Potentially useful sources:

Environmental Protection Agency

Natural Resources Conservation Service

Oklahoma Water Resources Board

Sustainable Shawnee

Donald Winslow's website

Winslow's SGU website