Case Studies to read in preparation for the final quiz Environmental Studies, 18 October 2011

The final quiz will assess your comprehension of concepts illustrated by several Case Studies featured in Miller and Spoolman's (2010) Environmental Science textbook. Please make sure you read these Case Studies before you come to class on 18 October:

It's all about sustainability (Ch. 1, p. 5)

Is organic agriculture the answer? (Ch. 10, p. 206)

The growing problem of coal ash (Ch. 13, p. 307-308)

Drowning in e-waste (Ch. 16, p. 403)

Managing public lands in the United States--politics in action (Ch. 17, p. 437-439)

Literature cited

Miller, G. Tyler, Jr.; and Scott E. Spoolman 2010. Environmental Science, 13th ed., Brooks/Cole, Belmont, CA.