Nervous, sensory, & endocrine systemsWinslow, 19 April 2011


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Nervous system

Central nervous system

Brain, spinal cord

Peripheral nervous system

Sensory nervous system, Motor nervous system

     Neuron, dendrite, nerve cell body, axon, ganglion, nerve

     Membrane potential, depolarization pulse, synapse, neurotransmitter, receptor

Sensory system


          Simple & complex eyes


Ears (hearing & balance)


Chemoreceptors (taste and smell)

Pain, temperature

Hormones and endocrine system

     Chemical messengers, travel systemically, receptors

     Anterior & posterior pituitary, hypothalamus

     Gonadotropins (follicle-stimulating hormone & luteinizing hormone)

          Regulate gonads, which secrete sex hormones

     Follicle-stimulating hormone stimulates ovarian follicle in female mammal

          Follicle (which becomes corpus luteum) secretes estrogen and progesterone

               Progesterone stimulates lining of uterus in preparation for pregnancy     

     LH causes corpus luteum to degenerate, causing drop in progesterone (if no pregnancy)

          Endometrial lining of uterus sloughs off (menstruation)

     If pregnancy, embryonic chorion secretes human chorionic gonadotropin

          hCG maintains progesterone secretion by ovarian corpus luteum

               Endometrium is maintained

     In male, testes secrete testosterone (male sex hormone)

     Corticosterone, epinephrine, insulin, glucagon

     Positive & negative feedback loops