Time budget assignment

Fox squirrel (Sciurus niger)

EBSCO Host        Fox Squirrel account in Mammalian Species

Published studies on caching behavior and diet, activity, and habitat use.

Guidelines for writing report on time budget analysis

Fox squirrel data from Spring 2011

                Leticia Silva, Meredith Stroup, Laura Curiel-Duran, and Lisa Bell
               (5 April 2011)

                Jennifer Taber and Jessica Stangl (5 April 2011)

                Sybil Griffin (13 April 2011)

Fox squirrel data from Spring 2010

                Christy McHargue, Gabby Keil, Yuyu Denny, Megan Rohrbach
                (17 February 2010)

                Josh Kirksey & Karina Haught (17 February 2010)

Fox squirrel data from previous semesters

Report on time budget exercise is due 20 April 2011 at http://turnitin.com