Chanterelle mushrooms popping up amidst fallen rhododendron blossoms in the Smoky Mountains

Syllabus (pdf)

Revised schedule (pdf)

Science (ppt)

Matter and energy and life (ppt)

Biochemistry (ppt)

Cell structure and function, cell membranes and cell walls (ppt)

Cellular respiration and photosynthesis (ppt)

Material for second exam is below; reproduction through genetic engineering.

Reproduction (ppt)

Mitosis and meiosis, gametogenesis and fertilization (ppt)

Development (ppt)

Genetic analysis (ppt)

Human genetic disorders (ppt)

Molecular genetics (pptx)

Homework assignment (Genetic Traits) is due 25 February.

Gene regulation (ppt)

Recombinant DNA and genetic engineering (ppt)

Homework assignment (Genetics problems) (pdf)
     due 25 March 2014

Readings for evolution, quasi-organisms, and prokaryotes

Evolution (ppt)

Origin of life (ppt)


Quasi-organisms and prokaryotes (pdf)

Eukaryotes (ppt)


Animals (ppt)

Circulatory and lymphatic systems (pdf)

Digestive, excretory, and respiratory systems (pdf)

Nervous, sensory, and endocrine systems

Skeletal and muscular systems (pdf)

Readings for behavior, ecology, and conservation

Animal behavior (ppt)

Ecology and Conservation (ppt)